January 2017
     The Penland Winter Residency was an impactful and productive time in my making career. This month-long residency exposed me to so many other powerful makers and creative minds. I was inspired by weaving and textiles during this time and allowed that inspiration to infiltrate into my fabrication techniques along with my strong appreciation for mechanisms and functional objects.
     Toward the end of these four incredible weeks I began to also experiment with the elasticity of metal through forming, and forging techniques. This opportunity taught me about my resilience, drive, and confidence in my future pursuit of graduate studies.


Peters Valley

Summer 2016
     The Peters Valley summer assistant-ship in Fine Metals was an incredible experience. The weekly workshops were filled with skillfulness and a wide variety of learners. Here, I learned about the practice of successful workshops and great instruction.
     Nash Quinn, the Fine Metals fellow during the summer of 2016, provided me with guidance in the studio as well as at the bench. He encouraged me to tinker with mechanisms and chasing and repoussé. Nash taught me about teaching thoroughly in order for students to experience success at all learning levels.
     Overall, this experience was undeniably rich. Through Peters Valley I met a dynamic group of crafts people as well as instructors that have sculpted the field I love. I would highly recommend this assistant-ship to any recently BFA graduate.