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T a g t a i l s

Tagtails custom-made pet tags originated in 2016, in the heart of the Hudson Valley, with a love for metal smithing, a lot of experience in custom fine jewelry, and a beloved dog named Bentley.

After watching some pet owners spend a small fortune on the fine jewelry equivalent of custom-made pet tags, I started thinking about how great pets deserve awesome tags that are not a fortune. I wanted Bentley to have a tag that represented his importance to me, was made just as beautifully as any piece of fine jewelry, but was created for a more reasonable price and purpose. I wanted to create a product that was able to be customized as no two pets are alike, and was designed for the roughness and toughness of pet wear.

With recycled metal and wood, I began experimenting with tag after tag until I found fun designs that really suited my companion and many of his friends. Each tag has been created with meaning and love and really strays away from just a marker of ownership and identification. Instead, the goal of Tagtails pet tags is to show that an animal with a tag is not just a pet, they're a friend who deserves a little bit more than a simple label.

If you are interested in our tags please fill out the information below. Each tag is handmade from start to finish: designed, pierced, filed, sanded, riveted, and hand-engraved. Please include your store code below from a retail location if you have one.

Most importantly, thanks for supporting us!

*Tag* Information

  • Any suggested shape of a tag can be proposed other than the bone shapes above. NEW designs coming soon!
  • All tags come with a 100% brass key ring to attach to collars
  • Wooden tag are able to withstand small amounts of water, splashing etc. but should not be submerged in water regularly as it may damage tag.
  • All tags are handmade from recycled materials and may vary in size ever so slightly.
  • Tags are made of brass, bronze, nickle silver, and copper (for rivets only).
  • Tags should be resilient please contact me with any issue.
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Below please check tag/s of interest. Please note that this is a custom process and additional information may be asked from you regarding this tag inquiry via email address or phone number as listed above!